For the well used to make potions, see portable well.
Well edgevilleWell (Al Kharid)
Release date Varies (Update)
Members Some
Quest Garden of Tranquility
Location Varies, most major towns
Examine Varies

A well is a water source that is relatively commonly found around Gielinor. Wells are not just in towns and cities, but can be found throughout the countryside.

Previously, the only vessel that players can fill from a well is a bucket, since it has a handle to attach to the rope to lower it down and pull it up again. Anything else would be lost down the well. However, this is later changed and now all types of water containers may be filled with a well.

Amongst other places, players can find well(s) in:

The well in Rimmington is often used by players training Construction to soften their clay, which is conveniently mineable in the nearby Rimmington mine.

During Garden of Tranquillity, players have the option to throw their activated Ring of charos into the Edgeville well. It may be later reclaimed with a Fishing rod.

Underground Pass wells

There are three wells located in the Underground Pass dungeon. They are not a water source.

  • The Well of nastiness at the end of the first level is used to get to the second level.
  • The second well at the end of the third level is used to open the door to Iban's Temple during the quest. It is also the well used to recharge Iban's staff after 120 uses.
    • This well has no name. Examine: It doesn't look like water in there... Search: You search the stone structure... On the side you find an old inscription, It reads...
      • When I sense the soft beating of a good heart I will not open
      • Feed me three crests of the blessed and the creatures remains,
      • Throw them to me as an offering...a gift of hatred, a token
      • Then finally rejoice as all goodness dies in my flames.
  • The Well of voyage in Iban's Temple is used after the quest as a passage to Tirannwn

Penguin Hide and Seek

Polar bear well

A polar bear hiding in a well after completing Hunt for Red Raktuber.

After Hunt for Red Raktuber, a PBJ Agent polar bear may pop up in a well every few seconds in the Penguin Hide and Seek weekly game of Distractions and Diversions. The location changes regularly, and is the same in every world. The polar bear agent may be spotted once a week for one penguin point.

Well of Goodwill

Well of Goodwill

The Well of Goodwill

Main article: Well of Goodwill

On 30 October 2013, Jagex released a special wishing well near the Grand Exchange where players can donate their in-game items, bonds and money that will be put forward to a real-life money fund that Jagex will donate to charities.

This well is not a water source.

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