Wending Through the Willows (#855)
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Release date 22 May 2012 (Update)
Members No
Location Rimmington
Quest Song from the Depths
Unlock hint This track was unlocked during Song from the Depths Quest.
Vocals Yes
Instruments Piano
Duration 02:04
Composer Mod Lord, Michael M, Mod Bond
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Wending Through the Willows is a music track unlocked at the end of Song from the Depths. The lyrics can be found in the bookshelf in Lucille and Waylan's house. It is sung by Kerry Bolland, as was shown on the page of the quest on the discontinued RuneScape Wiki that was run by Jagex.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Wending Through the Willows.

Wending through the willows,
A song upon the air.
It spirals and it frolics,
A lust upon its breath.
The words crave for purchase,
For ears to pour their course.
But silence is its partner as it dances on the ford.

Wending through the willows,
It maddens and ferments,
Wasp-like for a moment,
Then dirge of cricket legs,
Demure like a mayfly,
Then wispish as the breeze.
The song unwinds, forgets itself, and settles on the stream.

Wending through the willows,
A woodsman cups his ear.
On his palm an echo,
It sparks and tumbles in.
There it lights a bonfire,
Song burns and is reborn.
The woodsman hums it brightly, as it's loosed upon the air.


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