Werewolf Transformation
Werewolf Transformation emote icon
Release date 13 March 2012 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound Yes
Enhancer No
Duration 10.4 seconds
Requirements 12,000 Loyalty Points
Werewolf Transformation
Click animation for full size
Loy emote werewolf

Werewolf Transformation is an emote unlockable by members using Loyalty points. It is bought from Xuan in either Burthorpe or Varrock for 12,000 loyalty points.


  • The werewolf the player is transformed into has a different appearance compared to the current werewolves in RuneScape, which may be a hint at a graphical rework of Werewolves. Scrambles is the only known werewolf to already use these new graphics.
  • After the release of the emote it was discovered that after using the Enhanced Excalibur's Special ability another glitch occurred. If the player attempted to use the Werewolf Transformation emote during the course of the healing effect, one of two things would happen: the player would disappear entirely, leaving only the moon, or , the player would disappear and leave only the swirling energy from the special under the moon. This was corrected in the Dungeoneering and Shop Improvements update on 11 April, 2012.
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