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Whale Food is an achievement that requires the player to obtain all unique drops from K'ril Tsutsaroth in the God Wars Dungeon. Completing this achievement also grants the Brawn of a Tsutsaroth title.

Items required

Hood of subjugation Hood of subjugation
Garb of subjugation Garb of subjugation
Gown of subjugation Gown of subjugation
Gloves of subjugation Gloves of subjugation
Boots of subjugation Boots of subjugation
Zamorak hilt Zamorak hilt
Godsword shard 1 Godsword shard 1
Godsword shard 2 Godsword shard 2
Godsword shard 3 Godsword shard 3
Zamorakian spear Zamorakian spear
Steam battlestaff Steam battlestaff
Ward of subjugation Ward of subjugation
Warpriest of Zamorak helm (75) Warpriest of Zamorak helm
Warpriest of Zamorak cape (75) Warpriest of Zamorak cape
Warpriest of Zamorak cuirass (75) Warpriest of Zamorak cuirass
Warpriest of Zamorak greaves (75) Warpriest of Zamorak greaves
Warpriest of Zamorak gauntlets (75) Warpriest of Zamorak gauntlets
Warpriest of Zamorak boots (75) Warpriest of Zamorak boots
Razulei's Tale Razulei's Tale
K'ril Tinyroth K'ril Tinyroth


  • The name is a pun using K'ril Tsutsaroth's name on Krill, which is a major food source for many whales.
  • As of 25 January 2018, 1,018 people had achieved this feat.[1]


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