Whip vine detail

The whip vine is an item found by killing mutated jadinkos in the Jadinko Lair. When attached to an abyssal whip or painted abyssal whip, it creates the abyssal vine whip, which adds 48 damage and 208 accuracy to the stats of the weapon. It can also be consumed when used on a wyrm spike to create a lava whip, which initially has 20% charges. Further whip vines may be used on the lava whip to recharge it in increments of 20%.

It is dropped by the mutated jadinko guard and the mutated jadinko male, who require a Slayer level of 86 and 91 to kill, respectively. 

The whip vine can be safely removed after being attached to an Abyssal whip.

To use the whip vine on the abyssal whip, a Slayer level of 80 and an Attack level of 75 is required. These levels are not boostable.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Mutated jadinko male1001Rare
Mutated jadinko guard961Very rare


  • On the day of release the price was 25,000,000 on the Grand Exchange, although some players were buying it for as high as 100,000,000. When players realised that the bonuses weren't as high as expected, the street price fell below 8,000,000 before the end of the day.
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