White Knights Encampment
Grotworm Lair entrance
Release date 22 May 2012 (Update)
Kingdom Asgarnia
Members area No
Main music Weaving
Leader Sir Rebrum
Teleportation Remora's necklace
Bank map icon No Altar map icon No
White Knight Camp location

The White Knight Camp is located outside of the Grotworm Lair, between Rimmington and Port Sarim. Several unnamed White Knights can be found in the camp, led by Sir Rebrum.

There are very few Knights in the camp; the bodies of the rest can be found on the first level of the Grotworm Lair.

There is a small Summoning obelisk for recharging Summoning points located in the camp, directly by the entrance to the Lair.

You can teleport here once a day with Remora's necklace after the Song from the Depths quest.

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