White lily is a flower that players can grow from a white lily seed at level 52 Farming. Players gain 50 experience when planting it in a flower patch, and 250 experience when harvesting. This flower takes approximately 2 hours to be completely grown and does not require watering. It protects all neighbouring fruit and vegetables (but not herbs) from disease. Unlike regular farmed flowers, the white lily turn to ashes as you pick them.

The seeds are bought from Wyson for 1 mole skin. In order to buy the seeds, the player must have completed the level 3 tasks for Falador. The Falador shield 3 does not need to be wielded. A player will gain 1 white lily seed and 1 bird's nest per hide. The bird's nest will have a random seed inside when searched.

Fully grown white lilies.


Even though the skill guide says you need 52 Farming, you need at least 60 (54 with maximum boost from a correct spicy stew) Farming to complete the Hard tasks in the Falador Tasks.

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