Not to be confused with White pearl.
White tree fruit detail

White tree fruits can be picked from the last remaining White Tree after completing Garden of Tranquility. This is the only method available to obtain a white tree fruit. They heal 200 life points each and restore 16 run energy when eaten. They spawn at the rate of 1 every five minutes up to the maximum of four at a time. They grant 12 Farming experience when harvested.

Because they are free, these can serve as a substitute for energy potions, however this is not recommended due to the fact that they restore a lower total amount of run energy and take far longer to obtain. In addition, the fruits can also be used to make supercompost.

Picking a fruit from the White Tree is a Varrock medium task.

Ube, who attends the beacon north of Varrock will ask you for this fruit, in exchange for tending the beacon for you, while lighting it as part of the All fired up minigame.


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  • White tree fruit is analogous to the real-life peach.[1] However, there are also real peaches in RuneScape.

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