Wicked hood teleport token detail.png

The Wicked hood teleport token is a common prize from Treasure Hunter. Each token adds 3 teleports to the Wicked hood, up to a maximum of 30, after that the token cannot be consumed by the hood until stored charges are used. The interface would show the total charges stored but not individual type of charges, which has a maximum of 32, counting 2 (or 3) free daily teleports. These additional teleports are not permanent, and a charge is used up for every teleport made. The daily free teleport is always used before the stored charge should the hood be used to teleport, although there is no visible notification about using a stored or free charge.

Adding 10 tokens at once allows 30 teleports to be stored. Their exact cash-out is so small that they always convert to the default minimum of 500 coins regardless of amount.

On 7 April 2015, the tokens were made untradeable.

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