For the uncharged version, see Wicked pouch (uncharged).
Wicked pouch detail
Wicked pouch icon

The wicked pouch is the result of adding runes to an uncharged wicked pouch, bought from Solomon's General Store for 20,000 Loyalty Points. This process is not reversible.

After charging it to its full capacity, it is not possible to add more charges to the wicked pouch. When the pouch is completely drained of runic energy, it will turn to dust. Due to the heavy cost of the pouch itself, it is likely not worth using for conventional training purposes.

The wicked pouch is always automatically kept on death, even in the Wilderness. It is not available for players in Ironman Mode.

Combat Stats
NoneAmmo slotDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
StyleNoneStyle bonuses


The wicked pouch can be equipped in the ammunition slot, and it can be used to cast any spell without runes. The runic energy worth of the runes that would have been used is removed from the pouch. Rune-saving elemental staves, wands, and books and runes in your inventory, small rune pouch, and large rune pouch will have priority over the wicked pouch, and the cost of the runes they provide will not be deducted from the pouch's remaining energy. Be careful about leaving the pouch equipped since it can be unintentionally drained of runic energy very quickly.

If unlocked, the pouch can allow its owner to switch between the 3 spellbooks (Standard, Ancient Magicks, and Lunar) or between the standard prayers and the Ancient Curses for the cost of 150 runic energy. You must be standing at a bank to switch spellbooks or prayers. The pouch can be filled with up to 10,000 points of runic energy by adding runes, and up to another 2,000 by using a partly charged wicked pouch on it.

Currently, when fighting Chronozon in the Dominion Tower, your spellbook is set to normal. After the fight, your spellbook is returned to whichever spellbook you were using before using the wicked pouch to switch spellbooks, which wastes the used charges and, potentially, leaving you without combat spells in the middle of a tower run. You will need to leave the tower to change it back again at a bank.

The wicked pouch doesn't work in unsafe PvP areas such as the Wilderness. The wicked pouch cannot be used in the Duel Arena. Attempting to start a duel with any player who has one will prompt a message: You cannot initiate a duel with someone who has a wicked pouch on them. Spells that use the Make-X interface don't accept wicked pouch energy such as making magic tablets. The pouch cannot replace runes in the Chimp ice activity.

Energy cost

Rune Energy Needed to fill pouch Cost to fill pouch
Air rune Air rune 1 10,000 900,000
Mind rune Mind rune 1 10,000 190,000
Water rune Water rune 1 10,000 250,000
Earth rune Earth rune 1 10,000 180,000
Fire rune Fire rune 1 10,000 1,590,000
Body rune Body rune 1 10,000 480,000
Lava rune Lava rune 6 1,666 1,609,356
Mud rune Mud rune 6 1,666 1,446,088
Mist rune Mist rune 6 1,666 1,937,558
Dust rune Dust rune 6 1,666 1,641,010
Smoke rune Smoke rune 6 1,666 1,684,326
Steam rune Steam rune 6 1,666 1,664,334
Chaos rune Chaos rune 7 1,428 217,056
Death rune Death rune 16 625 145,000
Astral rune Astral rune 17 588 244,020
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune 18 555 228,660
Law rune Law rune 30 333 189,810
Nature rune Nature rune 30 333 134,865
Soul rune Soul rune 30 333 447,885
Blood rune Blood rune 40 250 169,500

Spell costs

Standard spellbook

Spell Magic level Runes Runic energy cost
Air Strike icon Air Strike 1 1Air rune 1
Confuse icon Confuse 3 1Mind rune 1
Opal bolts (e) 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Opal) 4 1Cosmic rune2Air rune 20
Water Strike icon Water Strike 5 1Water rune1Air rune 2
Lvl-1 Enchant icon Lvl-1 Enchant 7 1Cosmic rune1Water rune 19
Sapphire bolts (e) 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Sapphire) 7 1Cosmic rune1Mind rune1Water rune 20
Earth Strike icon Earth Strike 9 1Earth rune1Air rune 2
Mobilising armies teleport South Feldip Hills Teleport 10 1Law rune1Water rune1Air rune 32
Weaken icon Weaken 11 1Body rune 1
Fire Strike icon Fire Strike 13 1Fire rune1Air rune 2
Jade bolts 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Jade) 14 1Cosmic rune2Earth rune 20
Bones to Bananas icon Bones to Bananas 15 1Nature rune2Earth rune2Water rune 34
Air Bolt icon Air Bolt 17 2Air rune 2
Curse icon Curse 19 1Chaos rune 7
Bind icon Bind 20 1Nature rune 30
Low Level Alchemy icon Low Level Alchemy 21 1Nature rune3Fire rune 33
Water Bolt icon Water Bolt 23 2Water rune2Air rune 4
Pearl bolts (e) 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Pearl) 24 1Cosmic rune2Water rune 20
Varrock Teleport icon Varrock Teleport25 1Law rune1Fire rune3Air rune 34
Lvl-2 Enchant icon Lvl-2 Enchant 27 1Cosmic rune3Air rune 21
Emerald bolts (e) 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Emerald) 27 1Nature rune1Cosmic rune3Air rune 51
Earth Bolt icon Earth Bolt 29 2Earth rune2Air rune 4
Topaz bolts 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Red Topaz) 29 1Cosmic rune2Fire rune 20
Lumbridge Teleport icon Lumbridge Teleport 31 1Law rune1Earth rune3Air rune 34
Bounty Teleport Bounty Teleport 32 1Law rune1Death rune1Chaos rune 53
Telekinetic Grab icon Telekinetic Grab 33 1Law rune1Air rune 31
Fire Bolt icon Fire Bolt 35 2Fire rune2Air rune 4
Falador Teleport icon Falador Teleport 37 1Law rune1Water rune3Air rune 34
Teleport to House icon Teleport to House 40 1Law rune1Earth rune1Air rune 32
Air Blast icon Air Blast 41 3Air rune 3
Superheat Item icon Superheat Item 43 1Nature rune4Fire rune 34
Camelot Teleport icon Camelot Teleport 45 1Law rune5Air rune 35
Water Blast icon Water Blast 47 3Water rune3Air rune 6
Lvl-3 Enchant icon Lvl-3 Enchant 49 1Cosmic rune5Fire rune 23
Ruby bolts (e) 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Ruby) 49 1Blood rune1Cosmic rune5Fire rune 63
Snare icon Snare 50 2Nature rune 60
Slayer Dart icon Slayer Dart 50 1Death rune3Air rune 19
Ardougne Teleport icon Ardougne Teleport 51 2Law rune2Water rune 62
Earth Blast icon Earth Blast 53 3Earth rune3Air rune 6
High Level Alchemy icon High Level Alchemy 55 1Nature rune5Fire rune 35
Charge Water Orb icon Charge Water Orb 56 3Cosmic rune30Water rune1Unpowered orb 84
Lvl-4 Enchant icon Lvl-4 Enchant 57 1Cosmic rune10Earth rune 28
Diamond bolts (e) 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Diamond) 57 2Law rune1Cosmic rune10Earth rune 88
Watchtower Teleport icon Watchtower Teleport 58 2Law rune2Earth rune 62
Fire Blast icon Fire Blast 59 3Fire rune3Air rune 6
Divine Storm Divine Storm 60 5Air rune 5
Charge Earth Orb icon Charge Earth Orb 60 3Cosmic rune30Earth rune1Unpowered orb 84
Bones to Peaches icon Bones to Peaches 60 2Nature rune4Earth rune4Water rune 68
Trollheim Teleport icon Trollheim Teleport 61 2Law rune2Fire rune 62
Air Wave icon Air Wave 62 4Air rune 4
Charge Fire Orb icon Charge Fire Orb 63 3Cosmic rune30Fire rune1Unpowered orb 84
Teleport to Ape Atoll icon Teleport to Ape Atoll 64 2Law rune2Fire rune2Water rune1Banana 64
Water Wave icon Water Wave 65 4Water rune4Air rune 8
Charge Air Orb icon Charge Air Orb 66 3Cosmic rune30Air rune1Unpowered orb 84
Vulnerability icon Vulnerability 66 1Soul rune1Chaos rune 37
Lvl-5 Enchant icon Lvl-5 Enchant 68 1Cosmic rune15Earth rune15Water rune 48
Dragon bolts 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Dragonstone) 68 1Soul rune1Cosmic rune15Earth rune 53
Earth Wave icon Earth Wave 70 4Earth rune4Air rune 8
Enfeeble icon Enfeeble 73 1Soul rune1Body rune 31
Tele-other Lumbridge icon Tele-other Lumbridge 74 1Soul rune1Law rune1Earth rune 61
Fire Wave icon Fire Wave 75 4Fire rune4Air rune 8
Entangle icon Entangle 79 3Nature rune 90
Stagger icon Stagger 80 1Soul rune1Mind rune 31
Air Surge icon Air Surge 81 5Air rune 5
Tele-other Falador icon Tele-other Falador 82 1Soul rune1Law rune1Water rune 31
Teleport Block icon Teleport Block 85 1Law rune1Death rune1Chaos rune 53
Water Surge icon Water Surge 85 5Water rune5Air rune 10
Lvl-6 Enchant icon Lvl-6 Enchant 87 1Cosmic rune20Fire rune20Earth rune 58
Onyx bolts (e) 5 Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Onyx) 87 1Death rune1Cosmic rune20Fire rune 54
Earth Surge icon Earth Surge 90 5Earth rune5Air rune 10
Tele-other Camelot icon Tele-other Camelot 90 2Soul rune1Law rune 90
Fire Surge icon Fire Surge 95 5Fire rune5Air rune 10

Ancient Magicks

Spell Magic level Runes Runic energy cost
Bounty Teleport Bounty Teleport 32 1Law rune1Death rune1Chaos rune 53
Smoke Rush Smoke Rush 50 1Death rune3Air rune 19
Shadow Rush Shadow Rush 52 1Death rune3Earth rune 19
Paddewwa Teleport icon Paddewwa Teleport 54 2Law rune1Fire rune1Air rune 62
Blood Rush Blood Rush 56 1Death rune3Fire rune 19
Ice Rush Ice Rush 58 1Death rune3Water rune 19
Senntisten Teleport icon Senntisten Teleport 60 1Soul rune2Law rune 90
Smoke Burst Smoke Burst 62 2Death rune4Air rune 36
Shadow Burst Shadow Burst 64 2Death rune4Earth rune 36
Kharyrll Teleport icon Kharyrll Teleport 66 1Blood rune2Law rune 100
Blood Burst Blood Burst 68 2Death rune4Fire rune 36
Ice Burst Ice Burst 70 2Death rune4Water rune 36
Lassar Teleport icon Lassar Teleport 72 2Law rune4Water rune 64
Smoke Blitz Smoke Blitz 74 1Blood rune5Air rune 45
Shadow Blitz Shadow Blitz 76 1Blood rune5Earth rune 45
Dareeyak Teleport icon Dareeyak Teleport 78 2Law rune3Fire rune2Air rune 65
Blood Blitz Blood Blitz 80 1Blood rune5Fire rune 45
Ice Blitz Ice Blitz 82 1Blood rune5Water rune 45
Carrallanger Teleport icon Carrallanger Teleport 84 2Soul rune2Law rune 120
Smoke Barrage Smoke Barrage 86 2Blood rune5Air rune 85
Shadow Barrage Shadow Barrage 88 2Blood rune5Earth rune 85
Annakarl Teleport icon Annakarl Teleport 90 2Blood rune2Law rune 140
Blood Barrage Blood Barrage 92 2Blood rune5Fire rune 85
Ice Barrage Ice Barrage 94 2Blood rune5Water rune 85
Ghorrock Teleport icon Ghorrock Teleport 96 2Law rune8Water rune 68

Seren spells

Spell Magic level Runes Runic energy cost
Opal Aurora Opal Aurora 75 1Soul rune3Air rune 33
Prism of Restoration Prism of Restoration 76 6Soul rune2Blood rune6Astral rune 362
Sapphire Aurora Sapphire Aurora 77 1Soul rune3Water rune 33
Intercept Intercept 77 2Soul rune3Earth rune3Air rune 66
Emerald Aurora Emerald Aurora 79 1Soul rune3Earth rune 33
Prism of Salvation Prism of Salvation 80 6Soul rune2Blood rune6Astral rune 362
Ruby Aurora Ruby Aurora 81 1Soul rune3Fire rune 33
Prism of Loyalty Prism of Loyalty 82 6Soul rune2Blood rune6Astral rune 362
Shield Dome Shield Dome 84 3Soul rune3Earth rune3Water rune 96
Prism of Dowsing Prism of Dowsing 86 3Soul rune3Nature rune3Fire rune3Earth rune 186
Crystallise Crystallise 88 6Soul rune6Chaos rune6Fire rune6Water rune 234
Rapid Growth Rapid Growth 88 3Soul rune3Nature rune3Earth rune3Water rune 186
Crystal Mask Crystal Mask 90 4Soul rune5Body rune6Fire rune7Earth rune 138
Spellbook Swap icon Spellbook Swap 96 1Law rune2Cosmic rune3Astral rune 117

Lunar Spells

Spell Magic level Runes Runic energy cost
Bounty Teleport Bounty Teleport 32 1Law rune1Death rune1Chaos rune 53
Bake Pie icon Bake Pie 65 1Astral rune5Fire rune4Water rune 26
Cure Plant icon Cure Plant 66 1Astral rune8Earth rune 25
Monster Examine icon Monster Examine 66 1Cosmic rune1Astral rune1Mind rune 36
NPC Contact icon NPC Contact 67 1Cosmic rune1Astral rune2Air rune 37
Cure Other icon Cure Other 68 1Astral rune10Earth rune 27
Humidify icon Humidify 68 1Astral rune1Fire rune3Water rune 21
Moonclan Teleport icon Moonclan Teleport 69 1Law rune2Astral rune2Earth rune 66
Tele-group Moonclan icon Tele-group Moonclan 70 1Law rune2Astral rune4Earth rune 68
Cure Me icon Cure Me 71 2Cosmic rune2Astral rune 70
Ourania Teleport icon Ourania Teleport 71 1Law rune2Astral rune6Earth rune 70
Hunter Kit icon Hunter Kit 71 2Astral rune2Earth rune 36
Waterbirth Teleport icon Waterbirth Teleport 72 1Law rune2Astral rune1Water rune 65
South Falador Teleport icon South Falador Teleport 72 1Law rune2Astral rune2Air rune 66
Tele-group Waterbirth icon Tele-group Waterbirth 73 1Law rune2Astral rune5Water rune 69
Cure Group icon Cure Group 74 2Cosmic rune2Astral rune 70
Repair Rune Pouch icon Repair Rune Pouch 75 1Law rune1Cosmic rune2Astral rune 82
Barbarian Teleport icon Barbarian Teleport 75 2Law rune2Astral rune3Fire rune 97
Stat Spy icon Stat Spy 75 2Cosmic rune2Astral rune5Body rune 75
North Ardougne Teleport icon North Ardougne Teleport 76 1Law rune2Astral rune5Water rune 69
Tele-group Barbarian icon Tele-group Barbarian 76 2Law rune2Astral rune6Fire rune 100
Superglass Make icon Superglass Make 77 2Astral rune6Fire rune10Air rune 50
Remote Farm icon Remote Farm 78 3Nature rune2Astral rune2Earth rune 126
Khazard Teleport icon Khazard Teleport 78 2Law rune2Astral rune4Water rune 98
Tele-group Khazard icon Tele-group Khazard 79 2Law rune2Astral rune8Water rune 102
Dream icon Dream 79 1Cosmic rune2Astral rune5Body rune 57
Spiritualise Food icon Spiritualise Food 80 3Cosmic rune2Astral rune5Body rune 93
String Jewellery icon String Jewellery 80 2Astral rune10Earth rune5Water rune 49
Stat Restore Pot Share icon Stat Restore Pot Share 81 2Astral rune10Earth rune10Water rune 54
Magic Imbue icon Magic Imbue 82 2Astral rune7Fire rune7Water rune 48
Make Leather icon Make Leather 83 2Astral rune2Body rune2Fire rune 38
Fertile Soil icon Fertile Soil 83 2Nature rune3Astral rune15Earth rune 126
Boost Potion Share icon Boost Potion Share 84 3Astral rune12Earth rune10Water rune 73
Fishing Guild Teleport icon Fishing Guild Teleport 85 3Law rune3Astral rune10Water rune 151
Tele-group Fishing Guild icon Tele-group Fishing Guild 86 3Law rune3Astral rune14Water rune 155
Plank Make icon Plank Make 86 1Nature rune2Astral rune15Earth rune 79
Catherby Teleport icon Catherby Teleport 87 3Law rune3Astral rune10Water rune 151
Tune Bane Ore icon Tune Bane Ore 87 2Astral rune4Earth rune1Bane ore 38
Tele-group Catherby icon Tele-group Catherby 88 3Law rune3Astral rune12Water rune 153
Ice Plateau Teleport icon Ice Plateau Teleport 89 3Law rune3Astral rune8Water rune 149
Tele-group Ice Plateau icon Tele-group Ice Plateau 90 3Law rune3Astral rune16Water rune 157
Disruption Shield icon Disruption Shield 90 3Blood rune3Astral rune10Body rune 181
Heal Other icon Heal Other 92 1Blood rune3Law rune3Astral rune 181
Trollheim Teleport (Lunar) icon Trollheim Teleport (Lunar) 92 3Law rune3Astral rune10Water rune 151
Tele-group Trollheim icon Tele-group Trollheim 93 3Law rune3Astral rune20Water rune 161
Vengeance Other icon Vengeance Other 93 2Death rune3Astral rune10Earth rune 93
Vengeance icon Vengeance 94 2Death rune4Astral rune10Earth rune 110
Vengeance Group icon Vengeance Group 95 3Death rune4Astral rune11Earth rune 127
Heal Group icon Heal Group 95 3Blood rune6Law rune4Astral rune 368
Spellbook Swap icon Spellbook Swap 96 1Law rune2Cosmic rune3Astral rune 117
Borrowed Power icon Borrowed Power 99 3Astral rune 51
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