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Wilderness Agility Course
Release date 28 January 2003 (Update)
Kingdom Wilderness
Members area Yes
Main music Deep Wildy
Leader None
Teleportation None
Bank map icon.png None Altar map icon.png None
Wilderness Agility Course entrance location.png

The Wilderness Agility Course (labelled on the world map as "Agility Training Area") requires level 52 Agility to enter. However, if you have 47 Agility, you will be able to enter the course by using a summer pie. For the first obstacle, players need 49 Agility, thus making it a requirement for those using boosts to constantly eat summer pies, so that your Agility level will not drop below 49. The course is divided into two parts: the walkway (often called "the edge") and the main course. Players who are entering the main course must balance along the walkway, giving 15 experience.


This course is dangerous and players can be attacked by player killers while training at it. Players may choose a world with a low population of players or a world with lots of other players training Agility, to reduce their chance of being targeted by a pker. Players can also avoid attack by switching worlds if they see a pker approaching. The best location to recognise pkers before they enter the course is near the entrance of the obstacle pipe. Here you can see pkers approaching from the east. Player killers may be identified if they have combat gear equipped, though equipment may be unequipped (overrides do not work in the wilderness), or have a combat familiar such as a pak yak or unicorn stallion summoned. Turn your Private Chat to "Friends" or "Off" to prevent pkers from using your online status to follow you from one world to another.

Players may wish to bring along a cheap and effective pking weapon to defend themselves. Another viable strategy is to bring a mystic air staff and some nature runes, and provided you are on the default spellbook, you will have some casts of Snare and the best air spell you can cast, which should help you defend against melee PKers. Antipoison potions may also be helpful.


The Wilderness sword 4 provides unlimited teleports to the course after the Wilderness Tasks have been completed.

Players can use teleports from Ancient Magicks (Ghorrock Teleport with 96 Magic) or Lunar Spells (Ice Plateau Teleport with 89 magic) to teleport themselves due west of the course.

Players who do not have the Magic level to cast the spells above can pull the Ardougne or Edgeville teleport lever, run north to an unavoidable spider web, head west to the north side of the Mage Arena, and then continue to the south-west, past the giant bats.

Once at the agility course, the player must walk up the walkway at the south side of the course to enter. You will only fail mid-way; getting past will result in you passing the obstacle. If you fail, you will fall on one side which is a pit filled with aggressive white wolves. The pit on the east side seems to be the most common side when the player fails to climb up to the arena.


With at least level 50 Agility, players may use a demonic skull to gain a scaling increase in the amount of Agility experience gained from the course (+4% Agility xp for every level above 50 Agility). Players can gain 5% additional experience on their lap bonus if they have a wilderness sword 2 or better equipped. The demonic skull does not stack with Brawling gloves (Agility). If both are equipped you will just gain the bonus from the demonic skull.

Experience per lap with Demonic skull
Agility level XP Agility level XP Agility level XP
50 571.4 67 1,051.4 84 1,439.9
51 685.7 68 1,074.2 85 1,462.8
52 708.5 69 1,097.1 86 1,485.6
53 731.4 70 1,119.9 87 1,508.5
54 754.2 71 1,211.8 88 1,531.4
55 777.1 72 1,165.7 89 1,554.2
56 800 73 1,188.5 90 1,577.1
57 823 74 1,211.4 91 1,599.9
58 845.7 75 1,234.2 92 1,622.8
59 868.5 76 1,257.1 93 1,645.6
60 891.4 77 1,279.9 94 1,668.5
61 914.2 78 1,302.8 95 1,691.3
62 937.1 79 1,325.6 96 1,714.2
63 960 80 1,348.5 97 1,737.1
64 982.8 81 1,371.4 98 1,759.9
65 1,005.7 82 1,394.2 99 1,782.8
66 1,028.5 83 1,417.1 - -

Experience per hour

The experience per hour is based on a lap time of 44 seconds (high concentration and no obstacles failed/repeated). The wilderness sword 2 or better lap bonus is not included since it is negligible in comparison to the demonic skull bonus (less than 5,000 bonus experience gained per hour from the wilderness sword bonus).

Experience per hour with demonic skull
Agility level xp/hr Agility level xp/hr Agility level xp/hr
50 46,292 67 77,770 84 109,248
51 48,143 68 79,621 85 111,100
52 49,995 69 81,473 86 112,951
53 51,846 70 83,325 87 114,803
54 53,698 71 85,176 88 116,655
55 55,550 72 87,028 89 118,506
56 57,401 73 88,880 90 120,358
57 59,253 74 90,731 91 122,210
58 61,105 75 92,583 92 124,061
59 62,956 76 94,435 93 125,913
60 64,808 77 96,286 94 127,765
61 66,660 78 98,138 95 129,616
62 68,511 79 99,990 96 131,468
63 70,363 80 101,841 97 133,320
64 72,215 81 103,639 98 135,171
65 74,066 82 105,545 99 137,023
66 75,918 83 107,396 - -


Ground level

The northern part of the course.

The table below lists all the obstacles that give experience. Note that there is no experience bonus upon completing the course if the player forgets to retry an obstacle after failing it, or completes an obstacle on the course out of order.

Wilderness obstacles
Image Obstacle XP Notes
Wilderness agility course(pipe).png Obstacle pipe 12.5 Cannot be failed. CAN be used while other people are using it. Requires 49 Agility.
Wilderness agility course(Rope swing).png Ropeswing 20 Can be failed, which will send the player down a level. You will fail if the "Loading...." screen appears, as there is no failing animation. If the "Loading..." screen does not appear, you pass the obstacle. (see below)
Wilderness agility course(Stepping stones).png Stepping stone 20 Can be failed, players will not be sent down. You can only fail on the third stone. 26.6% of remaining life points will be deducted. Dealing up to a max of ? (presumably 1000+ if you have sufficient armour)
Wilderness agility course(log).png Log balance 20 Can be failed, which will send the player down a level. You will fail only at the beginning of the log. If you go past the starting point, you will not fail.
Wilderness agility course(rock climbing).png Rocks 498.9* Used to finish the course and get the bonus; cannot be failed.

*Note: You will NOT get the bonus unless you've completed every obstacle first. If you fail an obstacle, you must go back behind and redo it, otherwise you will get 0 xp for climbing the rocks.
Total 571.4

It is notable that there are two aggressive level 32 skeletons between the log balance and the rock climb that can attack before the player finishes the log balance obstacle. They attack quickly and accurately, often hitting for small amounts of damage. They will attack you regardless of your level, as it is in the Wilderness.


The dungeon.

It is possible to fall on the ropeswing and log. If the players fail these obstacles, they will be placed in a small dungeon, with 4 bones spawns and eight aggressive skeletons. The ladder to escape is in the north-eastern part of this dungeon. The stepping stones can be failed as well, but failing these will only send players to the side of the ladder, deducting 26.6% (rounded down) of players' remaining life points at the same time.

Talent scout

Everytime you complete a lap, there is a low chance that the talent scout (near the obstacle pipe) will call you. You will then be sent to The Pit where you get the chance to complete a minigame (D&D). After you complete it, you can gamble your reward xp.

Note: If you do not talk to the talent scout after he called you, you might not get the chance to play the minigames. If you happen to fall into the lava pit while the abyssal whip is equipped there is a chance that it will start acting weird and extend itself while performing its own animation.