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The Northern Wilderness Volcano, (marked as 'Volcano' on the map) is a small volcanic outcrop in the members-only section of the Wilderness. Nothing is known about it, as it is not involved in any quests, and currently no NPCs mention anything about it. While walking around it, the ground will shake periodically - probably because of heavy volcanic activity. Like near the Chaos Temple, balls of fire shoot out of the pools of lava. If one hits a player, it can inflict up to 50 damage.

The volcano can be used to flee from the powerful Chaos elemental that resides nearby to the west of the Rogues' Castle. Apart from this, the volcano has virtually no use except from being a sinister piece of scenery well suited to the hostile landscape of the Wilderness. The north-west side of the volcano has a broken ship with a small cannon on it, some broken barrels and a long-dead crew; however, these have no uses other than for scenery. There is no indication as to the ships age. Next to the ship is an extension of the land, eight squares of which reach into level 75 Wilderness - the deepest anyone can go.

Sometimes, players may have to go to this volcano to complete their Elite Treasure trails, as it is possible that their next clue or reward is in the area.


  • There used to be a wooden bridge at the top of the volcano which seemed to persist despite constant lava splashes from the volcano, but it was removed when the wilderness was graphically updated on 13 December 2011.
  • If you attempt to destroy a Ring of kinship on top of the Volcano, you are given a message that references The Lord of the Rings. It says: You find yourself unable to part with the ring.


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