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"Woodcutting tutor" redirects here. For the woodcutting tutor involved in Troll Warzone, see Will Oakfeller.

Wilfred chathead

Wilfred is a non-player character who is found among the trees north-west of the north Falador gate in a members world. He sells the Woodcutting cape along with the hood (for 99,000 coins) for Runescape members who have achieved level 99 in Woodcutting.

Wilfred will also help you find the location of the crystal tree.

In Issue 36 of Postbag from the Hedge, Wilfred explains the dangers of using a cursed magic hatchet:

A friend of mine acquired several logs to make an axe, which he swung at a nearby willow tree. The axe then flew out of his hands and into the clouds. That night a storm came, the lightning hitting his crops. In the morning, he looked out of his window and saw a message in the corn: "Next time, I'll huff and I'll puff".
— Wilfred [1]


Before the Advisors and Objectives update on 18 September 2009 Wilfred was known as the Woodcutting Tutor and was positioned in Lumbridge. He had various functions beside selling skillcapes:

  • He provided information to players about basic and advanced Woodcutting and Firemaking, depending on the player's skill levels. A level up message would tell the player when new information from him was available.
  • He provided a free bronze hatchet to any player who did not own a hatchet, and a tinderbox to any player who did not have one. Players can now obtain these items for free from shops in Lumbridge instead.
  • Wilfred also used to provide jobs for players. These were not too popular among higher levels, but many level 3 skillers would use this for the experience lamp rewards given after 15 completed jobs. This lamp gave the player experience in the amount of 25 times the player's level in the chosen skill.
  • Wilfred was moved slightly to the south following an update to Doric's home.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Woodcutting cape.png Woodcutting cape Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Woodcutting hood.png Woodcutting hood Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Woodcut. cape (t).png Woodcut. cape (t) Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Woodcutting master cape.png Woodcutting master cape Infinite 120,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A


  • After the random event update, Jagex forgot to remove the dialogue in which he tells the player to beware of the tree spirit. The tree spirits had been removed on the same day Wilfred was moved to Falador and made into a members NPC.
  • His examine text is a term referring to some one being identical to their parent/guardian, though here it more likely refers to woodchips that can accumulate when one cuts down a tree in real life.
    • His examine text is the same as the Vorago Shard pet from Solomon's General Store.


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