A willow evil tree can be found while playing the distractions and diversions Evil Tree. To damage it, players must have a tinderbox and a hatchet. The leprechaun will provide the items if the player does not have them. To chop the tree, 30 Woodcutting is required, and 30 Firemaking is needed to set the tree on fire, which will cause constant damage to it. In addition, if players happen to stumble across the tree as a sapling, they can nurture it providing they have level 15 Farming. Rewards for killing the tree depend on how much the player contributed to killing it; they usually include noted willow logs, coins, and a bird's nest.


  • When the tree is still a sapling, Farming experience can be gained for nurturing it. Each stage of growth will grant 66 Farming experience. No items are required for that.
  • When the tree is fully grown, chopping the roots and the tree itself gains Woodcutting experience. Chopping the roots earns 9 Woodcutting experience while chopping the main tree earns 45.5 Woodcutting experience.
  • When a root vanishes, the player gains Evil tree kindling, which can be used on the tree to set fire to a part of the tree. This awards Firemaking experience. There are eight places around the tree which can be lit earning 450 Firemaking experience per place for a potential total of 3600 Firemaking experience per evil willow tree! This is well worth it.

The Ring of fire and Flame gloves give no additional experience, and the Inferno adze will not automatically light any kindling received. You cannot use skill boosts, such as a beaver to cut this tree. You must actually have level 30 in woodcutting.

Evil Tree Experience
Nurturing Firemaking Chopping roots Chopping tree
Willow 66 450 9 45.67



  • The willow evil tree is perhaps the most dilapidated of them all, due to the largely uneven eyes.
  • The examine info is a reference to the weeping willow (a type of willow tree).
  • Another reference to weeping willows could be the sad and confused-looking eyes.
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