Wilough chathead

Wilough Fairweather is one of Gertrude's children, the others being Kanel, Philop and Shilop. He can be found in Varrock Square near the newspaper stand.

During Gertrude's Cat quest he tells the player information about Fluffs (Gertrude's cat) in exchange for a bribe. He can be found near Benny.

Wilough also hands out Puzzle boxes for Level 3 clue scrolls.

After you complete Gertrude's Cat quest, if you speak to Wilough, he will tell you that he can beat anyone up. However, the last dialogue says "The boy begins to jump around with his fists up. You wonder what sort of desperado he'll grow up to be."





  • Wilough's name is a play on the tree with the same name, the Willow tree. This fact is used in a cryptic level 3 clue scroll.
  • He is one of the few people and the only child in Runescape to wear glasses.
  • In Defender of Varrock, his name is seen, along with Shilop's in the Varrock Census from the year 160, 9 years in the past. In the book, both his and Shilop's occupation is, humorously, 'Baby'.
  • He has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Wilough Fairweather. Died laughing while watching his brother being mauled by a giant sabre-toothed wildcat."
  • The last dialogue after completing Gertrude's Cat used to be: "The boy starts jumping around with his fists up. You decide it's best not to kill him yet."
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