Wimpy bird
Release date 29 January 2008 (Update)
Hunter level 39
Experience 167
Location Oo'glog
Trap Bird snare
Preferred bait Smouldering Tansymum
Retaliation Attacks when lavender is burned
Loot Bones, Raw bird meat and Wimpy feather
Examine An ogre snack with wings.
Wimpy bird icon

Wimpy birds are Hunter creatures located outside the west entrance to Oo'glog. They may be caught by players who have completed the quest As a First Resort (which requires level 48 Hunter) and have a Hunter level of 39, using a bird snare. Players obtain 5-10 wimpy feathers, which sell for 660 each, and raw bird meat, which sells at 875 each. Its feathers may be used to fletch arrows, and the feathers are the secondary ingredient in the Fletching potion.

Burning tansymum is required to lure them into the bird snare. Tansymum can be picked right outside of the west entrance to Oo'glog beside the summoning mini obelisk, but low-level players will need to watch out for the level 67 Ogress Champion nearby.

While hunting wimpy birds and burning tansymum, diseased kebbits will occasionally attack. The kebbits hit for up to 20 LP, though they no longer cause players to become diseased, and can be avoided if the player picks the right spot (the one directly south of the Bandos pool appears to be unaggressive). Players can also soak in the mud bath to raise their Hunting skills and remove their scent.

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