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Wind Rush was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Wind Rush
Wind Rush
Release date 12 October 2010 (Update)
Members No
Level Magic 1
Spellbook Normal
Type Combat

Air weakness icon Air

Damage 10
Experience 2.7
Runes 2Air rune
Wind Rush
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Wind Rush, a free-to-play magic spell was the weakest wind spell in the standard spellbook and the game. This spell could deal a maximum damage of 10 without boosts. This spell required no catalytic runes. An elemental staff can be used to cut the costs of this spell. Like all combat spells, each damage point caused by this spell yields 0.2 magic experience points and 0.133 constitution experience points. It was removed from the game when the Evolution of Combat was launched on 20 November 2012.

This was one of the few attack methods that could damage Salarin the Twisted. When used against him, the spell would either "splash" or damage 90 life points.


2Air rune108
Combo runes
2Dust rune2,356
2Smoke rune1,816
2Mist rune1,982
Staff of air0
Elemental battlestaff0
Avernic wandTome of frost0


Wind rush was very popular for new players, and was seen used mainly around areas that contained new players, such as Lumbridge. New players were attracted to wind rush because it only required level 1 magic to cast, and there are no runes needed if a staff of air was equipped. However, for players with a magic level 5 or above, a warning message would appear, advising them not to use this spell due to its low maximum damage.

Wind rush also had its uses for experienced players. It was often used in crowded, non-multicombat areas such as Green dragon spawns in order to quickly engage in combat with the monster. The player could continue fighting the monster using melee without the risk of another player getting the chance to strike first. This worked well because it was inexpensive to cast and took up only one inventory space. When the inventory was filling up, any excess runes could be dropped at minimal cost to make room for more expensive monster drops.


  • This was one of two spells that did not require runes to cast provided a staff of air is equipped. [1] The other is the Home Teleport spell.
    • After the launch of the Evolution of Combat, all standard Air spells became free to cast with a staff of air or equivalent.
  • This spell did not heal the Air wizard.
  • The spell could be cast at an Elemental balance in a Player-owned house, but it would have no effect despite being a wind spell.
  • Even though it was a rush spell, it was not part of the Ancient Magicks spellboook.
  • Before the Evolution of Combat, Wind Rush was the only spell other than Polypore Strike that did not require catalytic runes. All standard elemental spells can now be cast without catalytic runes.
  • This was the only combat spell to not have a cursor.
  • Wind Rush was the only combat spell that could not be cast against other players. This was because it yields magic experience even when it fails to hit the target, where players can abuse such advantage to level up magic easily whilst away from keyboard.
  • Wind Rush is referenced when the player reaches level 5 in Magic despite being removed.


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