Winkin chathead

Winkin is a gnome who plays a small role in the Grim Tales quest. He is a friend of Rupert the Beard. He vanished while delivering ogleroots to Draynor Village. He was last seen talking to the Taverley witch, who discovered his spell to shrink ogleroots and imprisoned him in the basement. He can be seen trapped in a cage near the Experiment No. 2s.

Winkin owns the Vinesweeper farm along with his wife, Mrs. Winkin. He also says he learned how to shrink the ogleroots "from a chap called Larry." There is evidence that this is the same Larry from the penguin quest series, as he uses a shrinking spell to put you in the penguin suit during Cold War and Hunt for Red Raktuber. Winkin also seems to have a cut on his left arm.

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