The Wise Old Man Tasks tasks can only be offered before you become eligible to a receive a quest point cape.


The Wise Old Man in Draynor Village will assign various tasks on member worlds, and give small rewards in return.


The tasks assigned fall into three categories.


The most common tasks are to fetch between 3 and 15 of one of the following items (this list may not be exhaustive). They can be brought in more than one load. The Wise Old Man will not accept bank notes, asking what use they would be to him.

Letter delivery

Some tasks require the player to deliver a letter to one of the following NPCs. In these cases the recipient will reward the player, rather than the Wise Old Man. The player can read the letter before delivering it.

The thing under the bed

Finally the Wise Old Man will occasionally ask the player to investigate the thing under his bed; the player must then defeat it in combat.


Upon completing an item or delivery task, the player will receive a random reward from the following list.

Upon completing the task of fighting the thing under the bed, the player will receive Constitution experience.


  • When prayer experience is rewarded, the player is told to click the flashing prayer icon in their stats tab, even though the icon does not flash unless the player levels up. This is most likely due to a glitch.
  • He refers to bronze swords as "bronze shortswords". This is what they were called before an update and also in RuneScape Classic.
  • He gives runes as for rewards, despite claiming to be low on runes.
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