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The witchdoctor mask is an item obtained from Herblore Habitat. Players receive this item as a reward from Papa Mambo by catching all three of the God Jadinkos at least once in the same week, and when all of the normal Jadinkos are caught.

In order to attain this item, you must have 81 Hunter, 77 Farming, 54 Herblore, and 55 Agility. Boosts can be used to meet the level requirements for Hunter, Farming, and Herblore. Boosts cannot be used to meet the Agility level required to climb over the vine that leads to the God Jadinko island.

The mask's primary function is its right click teleport that allows a player to teleport directly to Herblore Habitat any number of times. In addition, the mask gives a 2% experience boost when training farming, hunter, or herblore within the Herblore Habitat.

This item can be stored in the armour case of a player's costume room along with the Witchdoctor robes and Witchdoctor legs. All three items are stored together.

You may gain multiple masks by dropping your mask(s) or having them in your bank before talking to Papa Mambo after catching all God Jadinkos for that week.

The Witchdoctor mask is valuable to those who train Farming, as it gives fast access to a fruit tree patch, located inside Herblore Habitat.

Once you have collected at least one piece of the Witchdoctor set, you may speak to Pauline Polaris on the Livid Farm and she will give you Mambo's potion which rewards you with 3,000 Farming experience.

Combat Stats
Witchdoctor camouflage gear set equippedWitchdoctor camouflage gear set (female) equipped
70 HunterNone
NoneHead slotDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses


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