Wizard (Lost City) chathead

The Wizard is part of a band in Lumbridge Swamp searching for Zanaris. When spoken to, he will say he is more powerful and has a powerful staff (even though it's declared it's just a stick).

The wizard and his three companions, an archer, a monk and a warrior, can be found in the south-west of the swamp.


  • He appears to be wielding blue Mystic robe bottom, Wizard robe top, blue Wizard hat and a Staff.
  • If the player speaks to him after finishing the quest Lost City, he calls the player an amateur and tells them, "Go play with some cabbage amateur!"
  • If the player speaks to him before the quest, he will say that the player is an amateur and probably can't even cast wind strike, which is a magic spell that is automatically unlocked for new players.
  • If the player talks to him on a F2P server, he will tell the player that they just interrupted his meditation, but that he doesn't mind.
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