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Wizard Deedit only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Valentine's DayNovtumberFest
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{{Expansion depth limit exceeded|name = Wizard Deedit
 |image = Wizard Deedit
 |release = 9 October 2017
 |update =Free to Play Content Additions & NovtumberFest
 |race = Human
 |members = No
 |quest = No
 |location = Lumbridge Crater
 |shop = No
 |gender = Male
 |examine = A magical dabbler in the intricacies of wolpertingers.
 |map = no
Wizard Deedit chathead

Wizard Deedit is a wizard involved in several holiday events.

Valentine's Day

He oversaw the 2017 Valentine's Day event at the Lumbridge Crater.

On Monday preceding the event he could be found scouting the area, after which he settled down to the north-eastern part of the crater.


Main article: NovtumberFest

At Novtumberfest, Deedit runs an activity where players can zap light and dark Wolpertingers to gain Slayer or Summoning experience.

Apple Jubilee

Main article: Apple Jubilee

During the Apple Jubilee promotion, Deedit was found near Jubilee hoppers and gave more information about how they worked.



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