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Wizard Frumscone is a necromancer found in the basement of the Wizards' Guild, where he summons zombies in his combat training facility.[1] However, he refuses to divulge the methodology he uses to summon them.[2] He is a possible answer to a Treasure Trails anagram OR ZINC FUMES WARD, handing out puzzle boxes to be completed. He has a rivalry with Wizards Grayzag and Whitezag.[3]

When the Wise Old Man asked to borrow his zombies to form an army to defend the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, he refused, stating that he did not lend out his zombies,[1] and that if he did he'd be constantly bothered by people wanting to borrow zombie armies.[4] He suggested they to try Malignius Mortifer instead.[5]

When the Wizards' Tower held A Towering Feast, he was one of the guests, where he made comments about the Snow Imps used as waiters.[6] The summoner, either Wizard Grayzag or Whitezag, took offence and they began enchanting snowmen to fight.[7] He was one of the wizards who enchanted the battle marionette, turning it into the enhanced battle marionette.[8]


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