Wizard Goldberg chathead

Wizard Goldberg is a wizard working at the Runecrafting Guild and the inventor of the Rune Goldberg Machine. He has been experimenting with the process of combining runes and created the machine to help solve the mysteries of magic and create vis wax, but he does not know how it works. He therefore lets people experiment with it. He is located on the east side of the guild.

As part of the Mod Deg trading sequence, an expired spin ticket may be given to him, which will trigger him to trade it for a nearly boiled egg.

Wizard Goldberg concept art

Concept art of Goldberg.


  • Wizard Goldberg is a reference to Rube Goldberg.
  • His dialogue about moving the world using a lever is a reference to Archimedes.
  • He accidentally created the Rune Goldberg Machine in trying to create an automatic egg boiler.
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