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Wizard Jalarast is Traiborn's apprentice, located in the south-western part of the 1st2nd floor[UK] of the Wizards' Tower. She wears a set of splitbark armour, and will tell you how to gather the right materials for a set of your own. Once you have the materials and payment, she will make it for you. Before a hidden update, free players were able to see the materials for each piece of splitbark equipment. Jalarast is also the author of The Runes of the Spells of Water.

To obtain some splitbark armour from her the player needs to bring her some fine cloth and bark, with some coins. In total a player is required to have 11 bark and 11 Fine cloth and 77,000 coins in order to get full splitbark.

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  • Jalarast used to be a male wizard simply called "Wizard". As such, she is one of the few NPCs to have undergone a gender change, another example being the oracle. In a Game update FAQ, Mod John A said Jalarast no longer wanted to be a man and as such visited the Makeover Mage.
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