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"Korvak" redirects here. For the dwarf, see Khorvak, a dwarven engineer.

A detailed image of Wizard Korvak.

Wizard Korvak is a wizard found in the Runecrafting Guild. He has travelled to the Abyss, and learned the art of repairing runecrafting pouches, although at a cost. Unfortunately, during his visit to the Abyss, he was driven insane. Due to this, he has begun to "jump at shadows".

Korvak sells and repairs pouches for various prices. Players may only buy a pouch if they first ask him about repairing one. In addition, he replaces medium pouches for free, and will even give you one if you've never had one.

When talked to, the player's character will eventually inquire about how he became so jumpy, and Korvak will tell about his time in the Abyss. He says that 'they' sent him to it, after someone had betrayed 'them' by revealing the location of the place 'where the pickaxe hammers' to the Dark Wizards. Also, 'they' knew that the Dark Wizards already discovered the Abyss. In this story, 'they' probably refers to the leaders of the Runecrafting Guild, and Dark Wizards means ZMI, the Zamorakian Magical Institute.


Repairing pouches

  • 9,000 coins for a Large Pouch (50 Runecrafting required)
  • 12,000 coins for a Giant Pouch (75 Runecrafting required)
  • Note: The dark mage in the Abyss can repair all pouches for free.

Purchasing pouches

  • 25,000 coins for a Large Pouch (50 Runecrafting required to use)
  • 50,000 coins for a Giant Pouch (75 Runecrafting required to use)

He gives players medium pouches for free; however, he does not replace small pouches. Keep in mind that players can still buy pouches if they do not have the required level, but they will be unable to use these pouches.


  • The word "Yebno" was invented by Korvak. Yebno means "Yes Maybe No".