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* The name Myrtle might be a refference to a ghost "Moaning Myrtle" from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels.
{{Beneath Cursed Tides}}
{{Beneath Cursed Tides}}

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Wizard Myrtle chathead

Wizard Myrtle is a hydromancer who is visiting the Wizards' Tower. She can be found near the fountains near the main entrance of the Tower. She also acts as a bank deposit box via her right-click option.

Beneath Cursed Tides

Main article: Beneath Cursed Tides

She was an apprentice of Terrova, the wizard on Tutorial Island, and she wishes to find out what happened to the island and her mentor during Beneath Cursed Tides. She sends the player to Vannaka, the only known survivor of the island. When the player returns with Vannaka, she sends the player to Mudskipper Point to dive with Vannaka to Tutorial Island. She and Vannaka also appear to flirt. Later on she shows up for the final fight with Hector Vivian. During this fight the player needs to keep the crassians away from her and also channel the spell to help her defeat him.


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