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Wolf Whistle is a free-to-play quest that introduces the skill of Summoning. The player helps druids in Taverley summon a one-of-a-kind creature to help defeat the trolls who have kidnapped one of their kin.


Start pointQuest map icon.png
Wolf Whistle icon.png
Pikkupstix's house, Taverley
Member requirementF2P icon.png Free to play
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Official lengthShort to Medium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
  • None
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat
  • None

The missing druids

Pikkupstix chathead.png

To start, talk to Pikkupstix who is just north of Taverley's east entrance. Ask if he has any quests and he will tell the player to look into the whereabouts of his assistants Scalectrix and Bowloftrix. He will say that they were by the dry well in Taverley and are very late getting back, making him worried. Agree to go and take a look for him.

The assistants


Teleport to Taverley lodestone, head south and there will be a well. Talk to Scalectrix just outside of the well. She will mention that Bowloftrix was captured by Trolls and taken into the well and that she has been waiting for someone to help. She will say that there are too many trolls and they need to be broken up. She has already tried a Spirit wolf but the trolls just laughed at it. She will then ask the player to report what happened to Pikkupstix. The player can either take a look at the trolls and view a cutscene of Bowloftrix in trouble or talk to Pikkupstix. Either way, Pikkupstix must be talked to.

The plan prepared

Tell Pikkupstix that Bowloftrix was kidnapped by trolls. Once he is told a spirit wolf won't work, he asks the player to assist him in summoning a Giant wolpertinger. He says that the wolpertinger can emanate an aura of fear that even trolls will flee from. He will inform the player that he needs his ancient wolf bone amulet, some white hare meat, and an embroidered pouch.

Obtaining the materials

Embroidered pouch

To get the pouch, just head upstairs in Pikkupstix's house and open the cluttered drawers in the northwest corner of the room.

Getting the white hare meat

White hare meat

Go to the pet shop south of Pikkupstix and ask the owner about white hare meat. He will inform the player that he does indeed have some White hare meat from his supplier in Morytania and will give some to the player.

Wolf bone amulet

Pikkupstix gave the amulet to his assistant, Stikklebrix, for luck while traversing White Wolf Mountain.

Searching Stikklebrix

To get the amulet, follow the road back across the bridge. Go west past the well and up onto White Wolf Mountain. Follow the middle path on White Wolf Mountain until Stikklebrix's body is found on the ground. Search his body to obtain the Ancient wolf bone amulet.

Rare Summoning items

Pikkupstix will provide you the rare summoning items that are the remaining ingredients needed to make a giant wolpertinger pouch at the Obelisk in the hut.

Infusing the pouch

The pouch

Talk to him again and inform him all the items are on hand. He will ensure that any of the items that get lost or damaged are returned to him. Click on the obelisk located in the east side of his house and talk to him again. The player will combine the items into a giant wolpertinger pouch. Talk to Pikkupstix once again after infusing the pouch; he will inform you that it will take the combined power of the player and Scalectrix to summon the Giant Wolpertinger. He will send you back to Scalectrix at the well.

Scaring the trolls

Head back over to the well and talk to Scalectrix. There will be a cutscene where the player and Scalectrix summon the Giant wolpertinger which scares the trolls, led by Wolf Meat and Wolf Bones, then fades away. Scalectrix and the player then free Bowloftrix from the trolls and after some dialogue, the quest will be completed.


Wolf Whistle reward.png

Required for completing



  • Summoning a Giant Wolpertinger is a contrast to the old version of the quest, where you had to summon a Spirit Wolf to scare away a Giant Wolpertinger.
  • After summoning the giant wolpertinger, your summoning points will be drained to zero, even if you have a summoning level higher than 1.
  • Choosing to destroy the rare summoning items from Pikkupstix will result in some humorous dialogue from him when returning to reclaim them from him. This quest has a lot of fun with destroying quest items in general - destroying any quest item will result in an amusing and unique dialogue with the NPCs every time you go to reclaim the item. The lines are different at every stage, even the smallest stage of the quest progress.