Wolfbane detail

Wolfbane is a dual-bladed silver dagger with magical properties. It has no level requirements to equip. When wielded, the dagger stops the residents of Canifis from morphing into their more powerful Werewolf form. Since Wolfbane prevents the villagers from turning into werewolves, this method does not work for werewolf Slayer tasks, as the human villagers are not counted as werewolves.

The dagger is a reward for completing the Priest in Peril quest. If destroyed, the dagger can be reclaimed by talking to Drezel (or Ivan Strom after the River of Blood quest) in the basement of the Paterdomus church. The dagger has a +5 Prayer bonus, making it quite effective at extending prayer points. Only some expensive, rare weapons have better prayer bonuses.

However, due to its stats being so low, it is not recommended to use this item (unless it is for the prayer bonus) if other options are available.

This dagger is made of silver, so it is also effective against vampyres, vampyre juveniles and vampyre juvinates.

In the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer, Wolfbane can be used for an alternative method of gaining status in Darkmeyer.

This is used for the easy Morytania task, Dislike-Anthrope.

During River of Blood, the dagger is used to create the full Sunspear.

Combat Stats
RequirementsWolfbane equipped
Attack MeleeMain hand slot
Fastest (2.4s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


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  • There is also a plant called wolfsbane, otherwise known as monkshood and aconitum and is traditionally associated with werewolves in various ways.
  • There is a Wolfbane dagger laying on a workbench in Doric's house. This is a reference to the RuneScape novel, Return to Canifis.
  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat, the Wolfbane could not be poisoned. A message would appear saying "You cannot poison the holy dagger Wolfbane...". This is no longer the case, due to the changes to weapon poison.
  • With the release of River of Blood, this weapon now Destroys; no longer can multiple daggers be obtained by using the Drop trick.
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