Woodcutting stump
Woodcutting stump
Release date 6 February 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest Yes
Location Fremennik Isles
Examine A stump on which wood is cut.
Woodcutting stump map

A woodcutting stump can be used for splitting arctic pine logs to make split logs (level 56 Woodcutting required) from a single arctic pine log, or to make Fremennik round shields, requiring two (2) arctic pine logs, rope, one (1) bronze nail, and a hammer. Four stumps can be found on the islands north of Neitiznot. These should not be confused with an ordinary tree stump. They are indicated by the woodcutting stump icon on the map (Woodcutting stump map icon). The player must use a stump in the quest The Fremennik Isles to make a Fremennik round shield.

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