This article is about the workbenches used in Construction. For the one in the Invention Guild, see Inventor's workbench.
Not to be confused with Workshop.

Workbenches are furniture that can be built in the workshop of a player-owned house with the Construction skill. The player can, with the right materials, construction level and workbench, create flatpacks of various pieces of furniture.

Item Requirements Mahogany bookcase (flatpack) Level to
Construction level Materials *
Wooden workbench Wooden 17Plank
Steel nails
5 Planks
5 Nail
Oak workbench Oak 32Oak plank 5 Oak planks 40
Steel framed bench Steel framed 46Oak plank
Steel bar
6 Oak planks
4 Steel bar
Bench with vice Viced 62Oak plank
Steel bar
2 Oak planks
1 Steel bar
Bench with lathe icon Lathed 77Oak plank
Steel bar
2 Oak planks
1 Steel bar

The viced and lathed workbenches must be upgraded to from the previous workbench. They cannot be built on their own. Players have to be in building mode to upgrade their workbench.

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