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The Worker district, often called the slums, is the smallest district of Menaphos, primarily harbouring the city's slaves and labourers. These can be found mining, begging and lamenting their fate around the district, overlooked by the Menaphite Guard. There are also facilities for pottery and a smelting furnace in the area. The slums' associated faction is the Worker faction whose leader Batal is located next to the district's bonfire.

Currently, the slaves are in open revolt as their Sophanite counterparts were temporarily relieved of their duties whilst the city was quarantined. Captain Coenus has succeeded in halting the rebellion in the upper quarters of the city, but the Ports and Worker districts are still protesting.

Worker district

The Worker district of Menaphos

Worker district map

A map of the Worker district

Features of district


Tier Reputation Reward Description
2 6,000
Bank deposit box (Worker district)
Bank deposit box
Gain access to a bank deposit box within the Worker district.
3 18,000 Faction head (worker district) Unlock the faction head for the Worker district.
4 36,000 Worker district teleport Unlock the ability to create Worker district, shifting tombs and Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleportation tablets in your player-owned house.
5 60,000 Faction legs (worker district) Unlock the faction legs for the Worker district.
6 90,000
Bank chest (Worker district)
Bank chest
Gain access to a bank chest within the Worker district.
7 129,000 Faction body (worker district) Unlock the faction body for the Worker district.
8 177,000 Worker district skilling boost Permanently improve your Mining success rate within the Worker district when mining for sandstone. (Note: This also affects mining in the VIP skilling area).
9 231,000 'of the worker district' title Unlock the '[Name] of the Worker district' title.
10 300,000 Magic carpet Unlock the magic carpet pet from the Worker district.


Music unlocked


  • Upon examining tents in the Worker district, the examine is 'The workers of Menaphos appreciate your attention to detail.', this probably a message left by the developers thanking the player to take time to examine scenery.
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