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For the music track, see World-gorger Shukarhazh (music track).
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World-gorger Shukarhazh is a Dungeoneering boss monster that can be fought on the Warped floors of Daemonheim, starting at floor 54. It requires a Dungeoneering level of 107 to encounter and fight. It is the last and strongest Stalker boss monster encountered in Daemonheim.

This boss has four attacks: the first attack is a melee attack, where it will spin forward and hit the player with it's tail. The second is a mage attack in which it will spin in a circle about 2 times and a white projectile will be fired at the targeted player. The third is a range attack, taking the form of a red/black ball fired from the eyeballs on the walls of the room, that will hit players and deal splash damage. The fourth and final attack is the stomp attack, common among Dungeoneering bosses, that is used only on players that move under it. All three of it's main attacks are highly accurate and powerful; however, the mage attack can only be partially blocked by prayer, and the boss rarely uses it's melee attack when more than one player is in the room, so its best to pray Protect from/Deflect Range, as this will completely block the boss's range-based splash attack.

This boss is made up of four parts; the main body, which is the boss proper, and three "eyes" on the walls that serve as extensions to its body. The eyes are the Famished Melee Eye, the Famished Range Eye, and the Famished Mage Eye. These three eyes determine the boss's defenses, and also cap damage to him. When all three eyes are open--as they will be at the start--damage against the World-gorger is capped at around 50. Players must attack the eyes to lift the damage cap. Damaging an eye sufficiently will cause it to close, raising the cap to 150, and closing two eyes removes the damage cap completely.

Strangely, the eye weaknesses do not follow the combat triangle, but instead each eye is weak to its own style, so the Famished Mage Eye is weak to magic, the Famished Range Eye to ranged and the Famished Melee Eye to melee. Quickly closing the eyes is essential to a fast kill, so be sure to get all three combat styles before starting; having some players with surgeboxes and high-tiered bows will make this boss go much more smoothly. If the team has neither and is forced to melee the eyes, crush is more effective than slash. Note that the eyes will reopen some time after being closed, with a message appearing in your chatbox saying, "The creature shifts, and one of its many eyes opens." This will reinstate the damage cap, so the team will have to close them again.

Closing an eye is not without its drawbacks; while it will raise the damage cap, it will also increase the main body's resistance to the combat style of the killed eye. So, for example, closing the melee eye will make the boss almost immune to melee, while allowing mage and range to hit harder. For this reason, a team should decide in advance which style they will focus on, and close the other two eyes while leaving the relevant eye alone. The most popular strategy is to keep the range and magic eyes closed, avoid closing the melee eye, and use melee on the boss. However, the World-gorger has a very high melee defense even with its mage and range eyes closed, and this can make for a slow and painful kill. Using a bloodrager's special attack will speed up the process considerably. The Hexhunter bow is far more accurate, and with its speed it is drastically more effective for this boss. If two or more players have the Hexhunter, it is better for the team to focus on keeping the melee and mage eyes closed and allow those players with the bow to tackle the boss's main body.

This boss drops spears, which may be poisoned. You are able to bind it and poison it at a later time.


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Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Novite spearNovite spear1RandomNot sold
Bathus spearBathus spear1RandomNot sold
Marmaros spearMarmaros spear1RandomNot sold
Kratonite spearKratonite spear1RandomNot sold
Fractite spearFractite spear1RandomNot sold
Zephyrium spearZephyrium spear1RandomNot sold
Argonite spearArgonite spear1RandomNot sold
Katagon spearKatagon spear1RandomNot sold
Gorgonite spearGorgonite spear1RandomNot sold
Promethium spearPromethium spear1RandomNot sold
Primal spearPrimal spear1RandomNot sold
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