Worldbearer is a Gorajo Summoning familiar that can be summoned in the Daemonheim in Dungeoneering. They are technically Beasts of Burden. Every tier higher than the previous one grants 2 additional inventory spaces in the worldbearers' backpack, starting out at 12 spaces at tier 1, and up to 30 at tier 10. There are ten tiers of Worldbearers, from lowest to highest:

Second wind

Using this scroll restores a certain amount of run energy.


According to the Worldbearers, they are the bearers of burden of the Gorajo as well as their cooks. They do this as living life as a Worldbearer will grant them reincarnation to a "free" animal. Thus, they take their duties seriously and become insulted when another offers to ease its burden, as shown when the player offers to carry some of its burden in a dialogue.



  • The carrying capacity of low and medium level Worldbearers are notably much higher than surface BoBs. The Cub worldbearer requires 7 summoning to summon and carries 12 items, while the thorny snail requires 13 summoning and could only carry 3 items. The Sachem worldbearer, on the other hand, requires 97 summoning as opposed to Pack yak's 96, while both carry a maximum of 30 items.
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