Worm crunchies detail

Worm crunchies are introduced with Gnome cooking and are a possible order in the minigame Gnome restaurant. They require level 14 Cooking and completion of Aluft Gianne snr.'s tutorial in the Grand Tree for 104 Cooking experience. Consumption heals 200 to 400 life points depending on the player's Constitution level.


Worm crunchies
Cooking level 14
Cooking XP 104
Burn level Unknown edit
Utensils Crunchy tray
Ingredients Gianne Dough, 2 King worms, Gnome spice, Equa leaves
Range only Yes
To make Worm crunchies:
  1. Use Crunchy tray > Gianne Dough
  2. Cook on a range
  3. Add King worms, Gnome spice and Equa leaves
  4. Bake in a range
  5. Garnish with Gnome spice

Cookbook Recipe

This is the direct recipe found in Gianne's cook book:

Using a crunchie tray, form a portion of Gianne dough into small evenly sized balls. Heat these briefly in an oven. Mix into the dough balls two king worms, one sprig of equa leaves and a shake of gnome spices. Bake the crunchies for a short time in the oven. Sprinkle generously with gnome spices to finish.

Crunchies were invented accidently by Pukkamay, who was Deelie's assistant, before his sacking. He started a successful crunchie making business before dying in a bizarre Terrorbird accident.


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