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Worm holes are introduced with Gnome cooking and are a possible order in the minigame Gnome restaurant. They require level 30 Cooking and completion of Aluft Gianne snr.'s tutorial in the Grand Tree for 170 Cooking experience. Consumption heals 200 to 800 life points depending on the player's Constitution level.


Worm hole
Cooking level 30
Cooking XP 170
Burn level Unknown edit
Utensils Gnomebowl mould
Ingredients Gianne Dough, 4 King worms, 2 Onions, Gnome spice, Equa leaves.
Range only Yes
To make Worm hole:
  1. Use Gnomebowl mould > Gianne Dough
  2. Cook on a range
  3. Add King worms, Onions, and Gnome spice
  4. Bake in a range
  5. Garnish with Equa leaves


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  • Apparently, King Worms aid virility (according to Gianne's cooking guide book, which can be found in "Aluft Aloft" the Gnome Restaurant).
  • A worm hole is actually a interdimensional rift, although the food has no relation to it whatsoever.
  • During the "Grand Tree" Quest, Glough is eating one when the player tells him the Daconia Stones are gone.

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