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Wrapped oomlies are uncooked food made from the meat of an Oomlie bird and a palm leaf. If cooked, it creates a cooked oomlie wrap.

Cooking a Raw oomlie on a fire will burn it. Attempting to do so gives the message "The meat is far too delicate to cook like this. Perhaps you should wrap something around it to protect it from the heat."

To protect the raw oomlie, it must be wrapped with a Palm Leaf, which is obtained by shaking a leafy palm tree. There are three of these trees located near the water pool in the centre of the Kharazi Jungle.


Wrapped oomlie
Cooking level 50
Cooking XP 30
Burn level 59
Utensils None
Ingredients Raw oomlie meat, Palm Leaf
Range only No
Wrap Raw oomlie meat in a Palm Leaf and cook.


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