This article is about the vampyrised version of Safalaan. For other uses, see Wyrd (disambiguation).
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Safalaan (Wyrd) chathead

The Wyrd is the insane vampyrised version of Safalaan Hallow, and serves as a boss fight during the River of Blood quest. Like all vampyres, he is only vulnerable to the Ivandis Flail and Blisterwood. He is fought twice during the quest, once alongside Ivan Strom at the River Salve, and again at the top of Castle Drakan at the end of the quest. During the second fight, he will initially attack Efaritay, but will attack you once her life points are depleted. As he counts for Vyrewatch slayer assignments, the slayer helm may be used when fighting him for a damage and accuracy buff if that is a player's task.

A cumulative total of 371,666 life points worth of damage must be dealt to him to defeat him. 50,000 in his first form, 100,000 in his second, 55,000 in his third, 100,000 in his fourth, and 66,666 in his fifth.

He has two main special attacks. The first is a sonic wave attack that acts as a one-hit KO if you are standing in front of him. The second is a blood geyser which he spawns underneath you, and deals heavy magic damage. Both of these attacks can be avoided by simply running away. If you are too far away from him, he has another ability "Get over here", in which he telegrabs you and brings you to him.

When fought at the end of the quest, his hallucinogenic poison makes him appear as Vanstrom Klause and Lowerniel Drakan, and use their "Let the blood consume you!" and "Ha ha ha!" special attacks, respectively. Both can be avoided by running from the pools of blood that appear on the floor.

After he is defeated, he gives players Wyrd blood, which can be used to create the Extreme Guthix balance to restore his sanity.