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Desert wyrm

A desert wyrm, a small wyrm from the Spirit Plane

Wyrms are ancient creatures that were similar to the dragons of today, but went extinct several thousand years ago due to heavy involvement in the God Wars. Wyrms were far stronger than dragons, as a single wyrm was capable of destroying massive cities and wiping out entire armies, making them invaluable assets to those able to tame them.

When telling the story of the Tears of Guthix, the Guardian of Guthix Juna provides the only mention of these creatures: "The colossal Wyrms, of whom today's dragons are a pale reflection, turned all the sky to fire, while on the ground armies of foot soldiers, goblins and trolls and humans, filled the valleys and plains with blood".

There is at least one living wyrm on Gielinor – the abyssal wyrm, found in Botany Bay.


  • Wyrms, from the Old English word meaning "serpent", are legendary dragons in European mythology.
  • Wyrms are possibly based on sandworms from Frank Herbert's novel Dune, backed up by the fact that they were hard to control, could decimate entire cities, and required highly skilled people to ride them.
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