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Xenia is one of the seven Signature Heroes, and a veteran adventurer. She was released along with the quest The Blood Pact, the first Free-to-play quest to be released since 2003, and the Lumbridge Catacombs.

If the player speaks to Xenia in Lumbridge with 300 or more quest points, they can obtain the helmet of trials, a decorative helmet worn by players to show off their progress in questing. After Heart of Stone she is replaced by Ilona at the Lumbridge Cemetery.


Xenia has adventured for a long time, and is mostly now concerned with ensuring there are enough other heroes to overcome future challenges. She is very deceitful, as shown in quests The Blood Pact and Carnillean Rising, and is willing to take dire risks, often with others' lives.


Xenia has worked with many famous heroes, and has picked up knowledge about many subjects. Her personal capabilities, however, are relatively unknown.


Xenia is of a previous generation of adventurers. She has worked with many famous heroes, including Radimus Erkle, Harrallak, Shanomi, and the Wise Old Man. Together with Radimus, she founded the Champions', Heroes', and Legends' Guilds. She has been to the Eastern Lands, and was part of the expedition to map the Kharazi Jungle.

During The Blood Pact, she flags down a passing adventurer to help her save Ilona, a wizard who was abducted by a Zamorakian cult to open the catacombs of Dragith Nurn. After the adventurer defeats them, she reveals to them that it was a test since she is getting older, and that she wanted to see that the world would be protected by the young generation of heroes. After the quest, players can enter Dragith's catacombs to obtain several statuettes inside, which can be traded to her for some rewards.

Later on during Carnillean Rising, it is revealed that she planned the wolf attack on Philipe Carnillean and the same adventurer, annoying the player greatly. Despite this, it has made Philipe stronger and created a desire for him to go adventuring around the world, much to his father's delight.

Sometime after that, during Heart of Stone, Xenia killed an innocent man called Corvusa. She teleports away afterwards, and Ariane gives the adventurer Kipple, a rune golem designed to track down people based on the magic residue from teleportation. While Kipple and the adventurer track down Xenia, she goes to the chambers of BikKra, JasKra, FulKra and WenKra, taking out a "piece" from them. Kipple and the adventurer track her down at the Lumbridge Catacombs at Mah's chamber where she has created a portal. She reveals that she had a vision where the Elder Gods would wake up and would destroy the world, and that by denying the Elder Gods anima, they would be unable to wake up and destroy the world. Ariane appears and proclaims that she will kill Xenia if she continues to do this, but she is unfazed by it. Ariane then launches a magic projectile at Xenia, throwing her into the portal and killing her. Post-quest dialogue with Azzanadra shows that he is angry at her actions and how by doing it, has endangered the world more rather than helping it.

In Nomad's Elegy, Xenia can be found in Limbo where she has decided to discard her shame and guilt, leaving out most of her memories. After the adventurer, who was tasked by Death and Icthlarin to get allies to assist in overthrowing Nomad finds her, she is a hollow shell of what she used to be. To get her memories going, the player finds her shame and guilt memories, combines them, and uses it on her. Regaining her memories, she apologises to the adventurer for her reckless actions.

She later assists the group by fending off the waves of Ascended who attempt to attack the ram. After encountering Gielinor, she offers to take out the Ascended on the lower floor before they realise what is going on and attack Death, Icthlarin and the adventurer. After Nomad is defeated and Gielinor is killed, she tells Death that even though Sliske took Nomad away, they should still cherish the victory they had. After the battle, she decides to stay in the Underworld to atone for her past actions.


As with all the Signature Heroes, Xenia can be found in many locations throughout RuneScape. After Heart of Stone she can no longer be found in game until Nomad's Elegy. After that she is found in Limbo.

Quest appearances

Xenia is featured in the following quests:

  • The Blood Pact, which is started by talking to her and in which she plays a major role. After the quest, the player may bring her demon statuettes for coin rewards.
  • Carnillean Rising, when she is recruited by Ceril Carnillean but refuses the job momentarily.
  • Heart of Stone, when she goes rogue and the player must stop her, ultimately resulting in her death.
  • Nomad's Elegy, where she is in Limbo, then later aids the player, Death, and Icthlarin against Nomad.



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