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Xuan (pronounced zu:wæn)[1] is a vendor that runs the Loyalty Programme Shop. He is located in the north east corner of Burthorpe, east of Burthorpe Castle. A second stall was added in the 21 September 2011 update, and is located in Varrock in the market square.

One of his right-click options, "Clear-title", removes any prefixes and is not limited to those from the Members Loyalty Programme, affecting titles like YtHaar, and other titles from The Branches of Darkmeyer and Mobilising Armies.

During Dimension of Disaster, his zombie counterpart may be found running a vegetable shop in New Varrock square.

Audio options icon.png
Xuan's introduction to the player.

Xuan also appears in the 2016 and 2017 Summer Beach Party, and can be found near the crate of terrorbird costumes to inform players about terrorbird racing.


  • Originally, his Burthorpe stall was located west of Burthorpe Castle – it was moved as a result of the revamp of the area on 31 January 2012.
  • As of 28 February 2012, Xuan is a voiced NPC with a slight Chinese accent.
  • He is apparently famous for his badger-fighting skills.
  • Xuan and Wafa share the same examination text, differing from Dilwyns examine only by race.



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