Yaktwee chathead

Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta is a gnome involved with the charm sprites hunting area that lets players obtain Summoning charms. He is located southwest of the Gnome Stronghold's main entrance. He owns and runs the store, Yaktwee's Invizzy Critters Stall. He was sent to control the 'imminent threat' after Edina discovered it, but, along with Pikkupstix, Yaktwee figured out the disruption in the neverberry bushes was caused by charm sprites and he began hunting them.

By speaking to him, players can buy a Yaktwee stick and a Sprite lure for 2,000 coins each, both of which are necessary to catch the sprites. They can also store their stick, lure and a small supply of charm slices by a right-click option or through conversation.


Yaktwee's Bag

Yaktwee's storage interface.

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