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Yellow dye can be made by taking 2 onions and 5 coins to Aggie or Ali the Dyer. Players are also able to buy yellow dye from the Lletya Seamstress for 6 coins. It can be used to dye capes yellow and is required for certain quests. Combining it with other dyes will yield colours that are not initially available as dyes. Yellow dye can be combined with red dye to produce orange dye or combined with blue dye to produce green dye.

Yellow dye is required in the Goblin Diplomacy, Ghost Ahoy, Enlightened JourneyEagles' Peak, Land of the Goblins and Mourning's End Part I quests.

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The profit for getting Aggie to make a dye is as follows:

Yellow dye - 2 × Onion - 5 gp Profit
2,662 1,200 5 1,457


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