This article is about the Loyalty Shop emote. For the result of dying, see death.
You're Dead
You're Dead emote icon
Release date 6 December 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound No
Enhancer No
Duration 2.8 seconds
Requirements 1,000 Loyalty Points
You're Dead
Loy emote youre dead

You're Dead is an emote unlockable by members using Loyalty points. It is bought from Xuan in either Burthorpe or Varrock for 1,000 loyalty points.


  • In the Dominion Tower, there is an aggressive taunt that is called 'Cut throat', which looks exactly the same as the You're dead emote. The player will shout "You gonna die!" while using this taunt.
  • Cut throat was also released before 'You're dead' along with the Dominion Tower update.
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