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You Are It is an intermediate bottle quest released on 8 May 2018. It has no requirements and has been developed by Mod Osborne, Mod Erator, and Mod Daze.[1]


Start pointQuest map icon.png
You Are It icon.png
Chop a specific tree in the south-west of McGrubor's Wood
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Official lengthShort
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
  • None
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Starting out

The start location of You Are It

To start the quest, head to McGrubor's Wood and chop a specific tree in the south-west section of the area, directly south of the fairy ring with the code ALS. It is a normal tree, not an oak tree, and contains a hidden clue scroll. Upon chopping it, a short cutscene plays where a double agent will appear and give you a mysterious clue scroll. Read the clue scroll to accept the quest.

Mysterious scroll

The mysterious scroll appears to contain only the word "URIT" repeatedly, however, several of the words end in a letter other than T. Reading only the letters that are different spells out "RELDO". Go to Varrock Palace to speak to him.


Reldo chathead.png

Speak to Reldo, in the Library at Varrock Palace, and he will warn you that those with the clue scroll disappear and never come back. He signs it, and then it can be read again for a clue which reads:

Cry next to Duke Horacio.

Panic before you talk to me.
Equip nothing.
Nothing at all.

The double agent surrounds the player!

Go to Lumbridge and locate Duke Horacio, who can be found upstairs in Lumbridge Castle. Carry out the instructions on the scroll: un-equip all your items, use the cry emote, then the panic emote. A spark of energy will be released from the clue scroll after the first emote, and after the second you will enter a cutscene with the double agent in the form of a ripper demon wearing a hat, and several other Ripper Demons. A second cutscene will then play involving Duke Horacio and Uri. After both cutscenes, the clue scroll will update.


The Duke entrusts Uri with burying his late wife.

You will receive another clue which is:

00 degrees 58 minutes north

25 degrees 01 minutes east

Head to the location, which is in the Lumbridge cemetery, and dig to the west of the south-west light. You can dig by right-clicking your clue scroll like a normal Treasure Trail, there is no need to bring a spade. You will enter another cutscene, with Uri opening a chest full of letters, rags, and other useless items. Eventually, he finds some obsidian jewellery. You will then find a locked casket, and your clue scroll will be updated.

Graverobbing and undertaking go hand in hand.

House call

The map clue

Check your scroll and you will find a map, which details the surrounding area of Rimmington. Head to the player-owned house portal there and enter it. After another cutscene, your clue scroll will update. Read it again for another clue:

My house is full of adventurers who

were on the same quest as you.
They are all dead and soon
you will be too.
On a bookshelf is where I lay,
seek me out and you will pay.
Don't let the trees attack
you on the way.

A trip to Draynor

Head to Draynor Manor and locate a bookcase inside, in the north-west corner of the first room to the west of the entrance. You will get a casket key. Use it on the locked casket in your inventory to receive an old necklace. Your clue scroll will update with a new clue. This time, it's a scan clue, which can be activated by right-clicking the scroll and clicking 'Scan'. If you don't have a rope yet, you can now go into Draynor Village and buy some from Ned for 15 coins or 4 balls of wool.

Mysterious hole

Items needed: Rope

Like a normal compass clue, you need to follow the direction of the arrow to find the correct location. The clue points back to the quest's original starting location, McGrubor's Wood. Head just south of the house there, two steps south of the crate, and dig. This will reveal a mysterious hole, which you can add rope to in order to go down. Descend into the hole.

Follow the passage around to the north-east and investigate a coffin. You'll receive Charos's journal and enter another cutscene with Uri speaking over Charos's grave. A voice booms in the cave, the ground shakes, and he is pulled into the earth. Speak to the double agent, who will explain what happened, and when you're ready to proceed ask what happens next then leave the dialogue.

The journal mentions Charos working for Lord Drakan and ultimately creating a practical joke in tremendously bad taste that results in him going into hiding from the vampyres. The joke references Drakan eliciting Charos's help to locate a certain "stone". Walk a few spaces east to the mantle and investigate it, then destroy the statue in the shape of the Stone of Jas. Choosing any other statue will cause a safe death and put you outside the crypt. You will obtain a puzzle casket and enter another short cutscene. Speak to Uri when it is over to complete the quest.


You Are It reward.png
Additional rewards/activities
Music unlocked


  • Trickster's Trinkets (RuneScore.png 5) - Discover all the trinkets and restore the old necklace after 'You Are It'.



  • Upon completion of the quest the adventurer's log states: "I managed to survive the cursed clue scroll and restore Uri back to his former self."
  • Upon inspecting the cursed clue scroll a final time, a reference to the third instalment of the Harry Potter series is made. The statement before the scroll disappears says "Its mischief has been managed," referencing the Marauder's Map in Harry Potter which would go blank when someone says "mischief managed."
  • Duke Horacio's wife's name is revealed to be Oriana, shortened to "Ori". The book in Draynor Manor with the key to her casket is titled "The Blind Forest". This is a reference to the game "Ori and the Blind Forest".
  • The update post for the quest contained the word "URIT" repeated several times. This is a pun on "You're it", a shortened version of the quest name, while also containing the name Uri, a central character in the quest.
  • The image in the puzzle casket received at the end of the quest depicts the scene from the first entry of Charos's journal, a rampaging elite bloodveld girded in the colours of house Drakan trailed by a chain a ball crafted to look like the Stone of Jas. This image is unlocked for puzzle boxes in completing future treasure trails.
  • Upon release, the Treasure Hunter keys and Hearts of Ice were not correctly rewarded. This was hot-fixed the same day.


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