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Young Ralph (young) chathead

Young Ralph is a prisoner of Rock Island Prison around which the plot of the Rocking Out quest revolves. He is found inside the prison during the course of the quest. He is the one who killed Rabid Jack, or at least severely wounded him.

Young Ralph is deaf, and therefore players have to find ingenious ways to communicate with him. Some of the methods include:

  • Writing notes on a paper.
  • Using morse code.
  • Lip-reading - after the Vacuum pump and gull is used on the barred window of his prison cell.

He has information about Rabid Jack, and is willing to talk more if players get the marks from five captains:

When Mi-Gor takes over the prison in order to conduct his new experiments on pirates, Ralph tries to escape, but soon finds out that he has no idea what to do with his freedom and decides to go back to prison, despite Rabid Jack no longer being a threat. He also mentions that Peggy, one of the female Customs Officers seems to like him.

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