ArmiesOfGielinorLogo This article or section contains information about a character, creature, event or location which is only featured in the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor.

Yoykrad was a Bandosian ourg active during the late God Wars. Yoykrad was amongst the last of the ourg race to survive in Gielinor, their extinction ultimately coming at the end of the Third Age. He appears only in the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor.

In Armies of Gielinor, Yoykrad appears on the "Portal" level of the Guthix Awakens campaign. During the battle, he is a leader amongst a Bandosian military force located in a swamp. Whilst he guards the Bandosian portal, an army of orks, cyclopes, ogres, goblins and hobgoblins advances upon the Guthixians. He was either slain during the battle, or died afterwards of other causes.

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