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Zaff (zombie) chathead

Zaff is a salesman who owns Zaff's Superior Staves in the city of Varrock and tutor of Naff. He is located in his shop just north-west of Varrock centre. His shop is often visited because it is one of the few places that sells battlestaves, the others being Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle, the Rewards Guardian in the Mage Training Arena and Haf's Battlestaves in Prifddinas. He is also heavily integrated in the What Lies Below quest. During the quest, you can summon him by using a beacon ring and Zaff's instructions.

Zaff used to sell noted battlestaves for 7,000 coins each, which is nearly always cheaper than the Grand Exchange price of battlestaves. His apprentice, Naff, who is in the same building as Zaff, now sells the battlestaves.

Zaff is secretly a member of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard (likely accounting for his shop's proximity to it), known to Rat Burgiss, and it appears his proficiency at magic is far higher than many would presume, as it was he who possessed the Beacon and used a spell to counter Surok's mind control spell, disabling Surok's teleportation magic and imprisoning him in the library.

In New Varrock, his shop is Zaff's Superior Spellcasting, which sells mage armour and materials to craft mage armour in addition to staves.


  • The update to remove member's only options from free-to-play NPCs on 27 May 2009 also accidentally removed all of Zaff's options except "Examine".
  • When Zaff used to sell battlestaves and you asked to purchase them, Zaff asked how many you wanted. If you said "0" or "9,999,999,999," he would take on a puzzled expression and said, "Um... right."
  • Prior to 20 December 2010, Zaff did not have the "talk-to" option in free-to-play.
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