Zaff's instructions detail

Zaff's instructions are a set of instructions detailing how and when to use the beacon ring. The ring must be used when King Roald is near death in order to summon Zaff so he can remove the spell controlling the king. It also warns of the consequences of using the ring too early - despite Zaff's magical abilities, he is unskilled in combat and will flee if called too early. It also details Zaff's intent to remove the summoning feature of the ring once their mission is complete.


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Instructions for Beacon Ring

Use this ring when you are ready to summon me to your aid. It is a daunting task, but you must battle the king to allow me to remove the spell from him. When the king is almost dead, use this ring and I will teleport to your aid. Be warned - Though I am skilled with magic, I am no fighter! Should you summon me too early I will have to teleport us out of danger! When our mission is completed, I will remove the summon ability from the ring, but you may keep it for protection.


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