Zahur is a woman in Nardah. She cleans grimy herbs for 200 coins per herb.

Zahur will also decant potions into 3-dose potions, for a small fee of 50 coins per inventory converted (regardless of how many potions are in inventory). The player does not have to supply empty vials for the decanting, as Zahur's fee covers this service. Indeed, Zahur will not use a player's vials if a player brings some.

The player should make sure to have room in inventory for the potions generated this way, or Zahur will refuse to decant them.

Even if you bring exactly 50 gold and 21 4-dose potions, she will not decant them into 28 3-dose potions claiming there's not enough inventory room. Thus, the most effcient way to decant your 4-dose potions into 3 dose is to alternate between taking 20 and 19 4-dose potions.

Your gold pile occupies a space giving you only 27 inventory spaces to deal with. Taking 20 4-dose potions will have her split them into 26 3-dose potions and 1 2-dose potion. For the next trip, you take 19 4-dose potions with the 2-dose still in your inventory and they will be split into 26 3-dose potions. This is the most efficient way for your money and time.


  • Before the 2007 herbal update, herbs were unidentified herbs, or "unids". Players with the proper Herblore level would be able to identify herbs. Higher level herbs would remain unidentified herbs. Zahur could identify a player's higher level unids for 200 coins each.
  • Zahur's herb-cleaning ability is seldom used, because a player who can use any herb in a potion already has the ability to clean it, for free. If the player can't clean the herb, there is still no reason to pay to have it clean. It can remain in bank until the player has the level to clean it. If the player intends to sell the herb, grimy herbs can be sold on the Grand Exchange as well as clean ones.
  • Bob Barter does the opposite of Zahur and will combine any 3-dose, 2-dose and 1-dose potions in your inventory into vials containing 4 doses.
  • The update in which she was released referred to her several times as "He", when she is actually a female.
  • Although her examine says she sells herbs, she actually cleans them.
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